Coming Against Violence Through Art & Knowledge | OpenMic Poet

"Black Tie" Mentoring and Young Gentlemen's Group, with Voices of D.C. Supporting Youth Mentoring Programs and Organizations Against Police Brutality: Hosted by Vashti "Ms. Jill" Dominque of Honey Boss Radio. Saving lives one rhyme at a time.

I did a spoken word piece called "Mirror, Mirror".  It was an examination of the fairest skin vs. dark skin issues that arise in our country.

Project | 02

Poetry | Feb 2018

Abstract view of the self as seen by others to help with insecurities and exhibit strength within ourselves.  Poetry designed to question who we are, why we are, and whose view of ourselves do we value the most.


2018 | OpenMic

I was invited to participate in an acting, singing, poetry community event.  I started by singing a verse of a well-known song to a well-known movie.  In part, it was due to the compilation of the struggles in the mind that we have with our identity.  I made them actually have to identify and Tell a story about themselves.

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